Backblaze: the better backup for your Mac

Apple discontinued all their wireless networking devices this year, including the Time Capsule, Apple’s easy-to-step, easy-to-use wireless router that also backed up your data automatically.  If you own an Apple Time Capsule, there are a few things you need to know:

First, every Time Capsule has a hard drive that holds your backups, and it will eventually fail. Also, having a computer and backup in the same place is dangerous. Fires and earthquakes can destroy everything, and electrical blackouts and surges can damage multiple devices at the same time, which you might not discover for weeks or months until a hard drive fails and your backup doesn’t restore.

This is why we use Backblaze, the best cloud backup for Macs and PCs that’s fast, secure, and affordable. Backblaze backs up unlimited data, so it even backs up your hard drives with terabytes of photos and video. It only takes about five minutes to set up, and because it’s cloud-connected, your computer continues backing up even when you’re traveling. It also provides backup reporting for businesses and homes, so you can verify all your backups are working anytime.

At $50 per year, per computer, Backblaze is a bargain.

If you have a Time Capsule keep using it. Just make sure you have an offsite backup that’s convenient and easy. Check out Backblaze (link) and tell us how it worked for you!