TechRoom is now Tech Concierge

In 2001 we opened our doors as TechRoom. Apple Retail had just opened, and within a matter of months Apple was sending thousands of customers our way for one reason: We take extreme ownership of every customer need. We solve problems, and, more importantly, we maximize success for each customer. In fact, one time we even helped a customer when their car wouldn’t start right after they dropped of a repair. We drove them to the car dealer, brought back the replacement battery, and installed it for them.

That’s how service is supposed to be.

17 years later, customers still want and expect excellent service. The only thing that’s changed is technology:

  • Tech is in everything. TechRoom was founded 6 years before the iPhone. Today, most people we meet have an iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro, maybe another MacBook, one or more Apple TVs, a Google ChromeCast Ultimate, Nest cams, multiple wireless access point, and even a digital scale that checks weight, BMI and blood pressure. We’re up to our eyeballs in devices.

  • Tech is more complex. There’s the cloud. WiFi is everywhere, and everything is connected through it. Threats on the Internet are much more dangerous and common than ever before. Now Macs can get viruses and ransomeware, and Apple is tightening down security to an almost painful degree.

  • Tech is less repairable. Apple and almost every other tech company is lobbying against Right to Repair, and most Macs aren’t upgradeable any more. Some iMacs are

  • Tech is now an essential life and work skill for everyone. Anyone can use a computer or a smartphone, but today, those who use it better will get the grades and get the job. Being tech savvy isn’t an option anymore. It’s a requirement.

Tech is more connected and more sophisticated than ever, with applications and devices talking with each other and over the Internet and through the Cloud. People are buying more devices than ever, but while technology keeps changing, the way most people use their systems - all the technology they own and the networks that connect them - has barely changed over the years. This has resulted in some very costly problems:

  1. Too many people are unnecessarily dependent on an IT consultant or their computer store for basic tech support issues that are mostly preventable with training that everyone needs, but usually only IT techies consume. Everyone today, from children and students, to parents and professionals, needs to have working understanding of tech fundamentals sufficient to keep their data safe and recognize what a good IT system looks like. Without this…

  2. …too many people are unnecessarily dependent on their computer or smartphone, and when a device fails, panic sets in and fear of data loss and serious interruption of life and work.

  3. …too many business owners don’t have an understanding of the various systems and applications and data that they depend upon to operate their business, and without an understanding of tech fundamentals, business owners don’t know what a good IT system should look like. The same can be said of their ability to recognize a skilled, competent tech professional to design and support an IT system.

This reality is a problem. Because most tech support is still reactive and repair-focused, the impact on a customer’s life and business of a computer or device failure has increased exponentially.

Repair services is still important, because all hardware will ultimately fail, but an informed, educated customer in control of their technology will never panic. They’ll send their computer in for repair, confident their data on it is secure and unreadable by anyone else, and that they can get up and running on any other device while they’re waiting for their repair. This kind of tech-savvy user seeks out an IT consultant who can be a trusted advisor and subject matter expert, and not primarily a repair tech. This new breed of tech designs systems, keeps them updated and working well, and is subject matter expert who listens to what her customers want, but more important, understands what they need.

When TechRoom was founded in 2001 we focused on providing the best repair experience in the industry. This focus earned us referrals from both Apple and our customers. Because of the trust we earned repairing their systems, many customers let us design and manage the IT systems in their homes and offices. Today, 17 years later, we’re still serving many of the same customers, preventing problems that are avoidable and facilitating anxiety-free repairs whenever a device happens to break.

What we have discovered is that focusing on making our customers IT systems simple and better, the panicked dependency on repair techs goes away.

This brings me to our name change.

TechRoom is now Tech Concierge.

The name TechRoom made sense in 2001. It was a place you would go to when you had a problem.

Today, more than 95% of problems presented to us can be resolved with a phone call and a screen-sharing session (remote access). In the last year alone we saved over 2,500 gallons of gas and hundreds of hours of time sitting in traffic, by providing our customers what we call Carbon-Free IT™.

If technology is set up right, no one need a consultant in their home or office, and instead of driving to the mall for repairs, your Apple Store becomes the place to purchase new technology and occasionally swap out a failed device. Imagine how much better is your security and privacy is, and how much lower is your anxiety is, with this level of control.

This is why we are now Tech Concierge.

Why why Concierge?

The Concierge is a subject matter expert you call when you need great advice. The Concierge is someone who understands both what you want and what you need, and can coordinate resources to make anything you want possible.

This is our new, primary focus. We help make your IT simple and better, so you can focus on using it. And we remove the risk

What does this mean for you, and how do you use Tech Concierge moving forward?

Well, first of all, you can still contact us regarding any technology problem. We are always happy to help. Just use our web site form here to request service, or call us at 800-832-4766 (International callers can dial 310-289-0069).

However, if you’re ready to take control of your technology and not end up with problems, hire us to do a check-up: It’s inexpensive, quick, and it will help you avoid a costly tech support nightmare.

Getting a technology check-up is just like going to the doctor to get a physical, only easier. It takes about 90 minutes, and we work with you on the phone and with remote access. During the call together we go over your needs and wants, any history you want to share with us, concerns you may have, and we also address all of the basics: Backup, security, your network/WiFi performance, software updates, the cloud, your email, calendar and contacts, and more.

During the consultation we build an action plan that recommendations and outlines what steps need to be taken to correct the problems you’re aware of, and how to prevent problems you may not be aware of, before they become bigger issues. Our goal is to keep you out of the mall, unless you really want to be there.

We call our service Carbon-Free IT™ for a reason. Our customers don’t need on-site tech service anymore. There are still times when a face-to-face meeting is best, but when the basics are managed, then no matter what problem comes up, a single phone call can usually resolves it in minutes.

And there’s no other word to describe that experience better than Concierge.

We’re proud of this name change, and we hope it demonstrates our commitment and focus on you, our customer.

I welcome your comments and questions, and I hope to work with you soon. Ready to do your first Tech Check-Up? Sign up for one here and we’ll call you to schedule it at a time that’s convenient for you.