What would you rather be doing?

I'm not a medium or a psychic, but I can tell you these two things are 100% true:

  1. Something on your Mac deserves your immediate attention, right now
  2. Something Wicked will come

#1 is true because everyone has something they need or want.  Even if you think this doesn't apply to you, it does. I'll prove it: What if I showed you a Mac tip or trick, hack or app, right now, and it just blows your mind?  That was worth it, right? You didn't know you needed it until you saw it. And everyone has some little annoyance they just keep pushing off or tolerating, because the hassle of dealing with it isn't as bad as the hassle of getting it taken care of.

I'm talking about service hassle. You love going to the mall for tech support, right? How about finding a tech consultant? Or having the tech in your house? Is getting a minor recurring issue resolved worth the interruption of your time and space? The answer is usually no. So the little things gets pushed off.  They're not worth the hassle.

And then something Wicked this way comes. It always does. An issue so bad that you can't afford to ignore it. Now it lands you at the Genius Bar. Or forces you find a consultant. Only now you're back's to the wall. Now you have no choice. You go to their mall and give in to their processes. And wait. When it's over will you be better off than when you started?  I think you already know the answer.

Wouldn't you rather be doing something else?  

Let's rewind and reset, because we can. What if every time you had a quick question, you just picked up the phone:

Hi James, it's John. Can you hop on my screen really quick?  I want to show you something and get your advice.

Now, what if the convenience is so amazing that all the little issues get taken care of as they come up. Better yet, one little issue that would have turned into a big issue was detected early. And instead of driving to the mall, the issue was resolved a couple days later, while you were out to dinner with friends, and while your Mac was sitting on your desk in your home office.

You never had to go to the Genius Bar, because the emergency never happened.

This is Tech Concierge.  And it's already available, and hundreds of customers are already enjoying it. It's the most radical reinvention of service since Amazon changed the way we shop.

The traditional service model is hard on everyone: Apple Genius Bars were created to make sure Apple customers had a great product experience. And they do: Apple products have hardware problems less than 0.5% of the time (that's 1/2 of 1 percent) during a typical product life. What about software problems? "Third party" issues? And all the quick obstacles and how-tos you wish you could get through but aren't worth sitting in a class with a group of other people?

Up until now Apple's had only one option: To refer you to the Apple Consultants Network, and let you browse by ZIP code. That's it. ZIP code.

Now there's a better option. Tech Concierge. We're a member of the Apple Consultants Network as well, just so Apple employees can mention us too. Except with Tech Concierge, we've created a new service model. One that doesn't tie you up or tie you down.  We believe your time is too valuable for that. 

What would you rather be doing?

Want to get your Mac, iPhone and iPad all dialed in and streamlined so they work better together? All without leaving your home or office? Get Tech Concierge VIP now for yourself, or someone you care about!

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