What is Tech Concierge?

Tech Concierge is a technology maintenance and management program with priority response. Designed to give you time back to your life, it includes great customer service, and a skilled, competent, passionate professional available to you when you need one.

Who is Tech Concierge for?

Tech Concierge is for people who want to enjoy all the benefits of technology - whether it’s the basics that they depend on, or the latest gadgets - without a hassle and without losing time due to problems with inconvenient support options.

How is Tech Concierge Different from other service options?

First, we manage the basics so you don’t have to: Your backup, antivirus, security, and even most software updates. This eliminates most major problems to begin with, so no more crisis or emergencies to deal with. You can sleep well at night knowing that you have an expert taking care of the basics for you.

Next, we provide priority response when you want it or need it. Just call, text, email, and we’ll take care of you right away. In fact, we can resolve almost anything with a phone call and occasionally with remote access and screen sharing. No driving to the mall and waiting in line. There is typically no need for a consultant to walk through your home.

Finally, we want to help you take your technology use from practical, to masterful. Once we eliminate the bulk of problems, we can focus on helping you learn and take advantage of all the cool things technology can do for you: Learn more about digital photos, how to use the latest apps and devices. And all in the comfort of your home or office, or wherever you want to be.

Where do you provide service?

Tech Concierge is currently available to anyone in the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Unlike traditional, old tech service, Tech Concierge isn't limited to a ZIP code. 

All you'll ever need for great service is a way for us to talk (telephone, Skype, LINE, Whatsapp, etc.), and a high-speed Internet connection.

Do you support Mac or PC?

We support and are expert on both Mac and Windows, but we don't hide the fact that we prefer Mac. All of our own phones, tablets and computers are Apple products, because our priorities are your uptime and productivity.

We support the technologies that our customers use, which means we support a lot more than Mac and Windows, including Google, Cisco Meraki, Office 365 and more, just to name a few. And because we are really into what we do, we may help you find a technology you didn't even know of that's perfect for you.

What does Tech Concierge cost?

Tech Concierge Service Plans start at only $150 per month. 

Plans are available for professionals, entrepreneurs, sole proprietors, solo practitioners like attorneys and CPAa.

We also have plans for families, executives and their families, and for business owners and their businesses.

Please contact us using this form for more information and pricing for your specific needs.

What's included in the monthly basic fee?

All TechRoom Concierge plans include specific maintenance and management of your covered computer and devices (a.k.a. the Scope of Service). We typically invest, on average, a few hours per month, per person, on included maintenance and management of your devices. The purpose of this work is to proactively eliminate the bulk of tech issues by protecting you against data loss, viruses, and failed or incompatible software updates. We also try to proactively identify hardware and software failures when possible.

Priority availability and response during the hours of availability for each plan is also built into the plan monthly basic fee, so that when problems do occur, you can count on your Tech Concierge response and attention.

What is "Extra Work"?

From time to time you may need additional service, including repairs, major upgrades, projects, extensive one-on-one training or some other kind of support not included in the standard Scope of Service. We call this "Extra Work".

While we always try to include as much service as possible into your Tech Concierge monthly basic fee, if you require Extra Work, we'll always create an estimate in advance and review with you for approval.

Which plan is best for me?

For basic coverage to prevent most problems and if you need service on an occasional basis, pick either Professional Care (one person) or Family Care (for 2 or more family members, up to 5). These plans are ideal for individuals and their families with flexible schedules that allow for low-urgency support during the typical workday.  These plans are excellent for professionals and solo practitioners including legal professionals, CPAs and entrepreneurs who want to remain as focused as possible during the day, with their Tech Concierge supporting them, and also their families.

Professionals and other individuals with time-critical or busy calendars should choose Executive Care, which provides the maximum convenience of urgent and on-demand scheduling, including after normal business hours, such as evenings and weekends.  Executive Care plan members also benefit from having direct support available to their family members, which returns even more time back to their busy schedules.

Business owners with employees should choose Business Care.

For more information on Tech Concierge plans and pricing, send us an inquiry here and we'll contact you at your convenience.

What are the Startup Fees?

To deliver the best results, we require that each covered computer and device is configured properly to protect against data loss, viruses and security threats. The Startup Fees include a comprehensive inspection and configuration of your computer and devices as well as specific, best-of-class software we have selected for secure backup, antivirus and mobile device management, which enables us to manage your software updates.

Startup Fees are a one-time charge for new Tech Concierge agreements, and include both a fraction of labor for the inspection and configuration of your devices, as well as the cost of the required software licenses for each device.  The cost of software licenses is an annual recurring cost, as we will keep the software perpetually up to date on your devices.

Additional family members (or employees for Business Care plans) may be covered for an additional fee per person.

For detailed information on Tech Concierge plans and pricing, including Startup Fees, send us an inquiry here and we'll contact you at your convenience.

We provide support when our customers need it.  This means we provide 24/7/365 service, with hours of availability and response time based on the Tech Concierge program that you choose.

The majority of our customers are executives and other individuals who require 24/7 access, including priority service at night and on the weekends.

What are your hours?

Do you service hardware or software?

The majority of new, modern hardware is no longer serviceable in the traditional sense. And that's not necessarily a bad thing.  The failure rate of hardware is extremely low.

Apple through its retail stores provides whole-unit replacements and some mail-in options that require a few to several days to complete, as well as some local repair options on a case-by-case basis.

Tech Concierge can own any issue with any of your devices, and partner with your local Apple Store to take advantage of the available options that can benefit you.You can visit your local store or delegate the entire matter to us, whichever is preferable.

We can also help you find the occasional repair resource and even manage your repair when you need it.

Do you charge for phone calls?

We never charge to take your calls, text messages and emails. We want you to to call and notify us of everything you need, so we have the opportunity to satisfy you as completely as possible. From time to time we may identify an issue or situation that requires significant time or resources, at which time we may ask you to approve Extra Work (see Extra Work, above).

How do I sign up for Tech Concierge?

To sign up for Tech Concierge, just contact us at 800-832-4766 or via email at care@techconcierge.com.  During the sign-up process we’ll work with you to identify your personal preferences for service communication, which devices we need to update and configure, and how we can work best for you and your schedule. You’ll have priority access to our Tech Concierge team from day one.  We’re looking forward to working with you.

If we haven't answered your question here, please send us a note using our general contact form located here.

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