Tech Concierge service makes your life easy:

1. Save time - no more wasting hours of your life carrying your computer into a store
2. Freedom - we connect to you, at home, the office, or literally anywhere in the world
3. Protect your privacy - no more customers looking at your screen over your shoulder in a crowded store
4. Convenience - we can schedule when it's convenient for you, including nights and weekends
4. Stay in control - the right work gets done when we're looking at the screen together
5. Efficient - when service involves long updates or installs, we can pause a session, then reconnect with you when it's ready. Why should you pay for idle time? Even worse, why should you be trapped at a store for hours when you could be at home or anywhere else you want to be?

How a Tech Concierge service order works:

Our service can literally change your life.  So we love sharing it.  Here's our process:

STEP 1: If you're a first-time customer, start by contacting us, either by phone or with this form.

STEP 2: Next, we'll call you to confirm your needs, that we can do it, and any initial cost.

STEP 3: We send you a service order on the spot that you can approve right from your phone or computer.

STEP 4: Next, we get to work! Together with you on the phone, we'll start up a secure screen sharing session. No matter what we're doing - fixing, configuring, installing, updating, training - there's no better way for you and us to be on the same page (literally). And when you need more service than originally anticipated, we always get approval in advance, so you'll never get surprised and you'll always stay in control of cost.

STEP 5: When we're done we document work completed and send you a receipt for your records.

Ready to get started?  Start a service request here.

Frequently asked questions

What are your fees?

A new service request requires a $150 initial service fee.  This fee covers the initial call up to the first hour of working together.

During the initial call we'll get a better understanding of your goals and needs, as well as how your technology is currently configured.  If for any reason more time is required beyond the first hour, we'll provide an estimate during the initial call for your review and approval.  We always get approvals in advance, so our customers never have surprise charges.


This is a really important question, because it's where we see customers, especially business owners, make one of the most costly mistakes.  In fact, it's so important we wrote an article going into more detail on our answer.

The short answer is yes, we make house calls and office visits for specific kinds of work, including:

  • Consulting
  • Training
  • WiFi and other network installations

House calls and office visits are provided on a per diem rate plus travel expense.  If you would like to discuss your needs, please contact us using this form. 

Traditional services, including hour-by-hour house calls and office visits for problem solving are a major waste of time and money.  They often expose you, your family and your business to significant risks and dangers that most consultants aren't insured for and usually don't disclose.

Tech Concierge can resolve any problem better with our non-traditional service approach.  Need more information or want to get a service started?  Please contact us using this form.

Do you make house calls OR OFFICE VISITS?

Yes, we provide regular, ongoing service to both businesses and households.  For more information, please contact us using this form.

Do you also provide ongoing service plans?