Tech Concierge Memberships

We offer five Tech Concierge programs, each tailored to a specific set of needs.  Please request a complimentary consultation below, or please contact us here for more information and to discuss which plan is right for you.



Almost all life-stopping tech problems are avoidable. With Tech Concierge VIP, you'll get priority access to to Tech Concierge, semi-annual tech tune-ups, and important notifications, all designed to keep you out of service centers. And no matter what problems come up, we have options and solutions designed around your life and work, to save you time.

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Home-based offices, sole proprietors, consultants and entrepreneurs don't have time for tech problems. And they have less time for tech support. Tech Concierge Professional membership is designed to help you stay focused on your business goals by minimizing issues and providing concierge-level expertise to overcome issues when they occur.

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Executives don't have time for tech departments and IT managers.  You need a smart, a business-savvy professional who understands workflow, and is focused on optimizing your workflow so you can do business and communicate friction-free. Tech Concierge Executive membership is designed to do this, even in cooperation with an existing company IT department.

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Any professional understands that a happy life starts with a happy family back at home. This means that your home network and technology runs as smoothly as a business, to ensure your spouse, your children, and anyone else at home can use and enjoy their technology safe and secure from threats and problems. Tech Concierge Family membership gives every member of your family a modern-life advantage.

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When it comes to profitable growth, IT should be the number one capital expense that directly and powerfully impacts operating expense. Meaning, you should be able to do more, with less. But this only happens if your business has a culture of employees empowered to use their technology effectively and securely. Tech Concierge business is the part-time, long-term Technology advisor you have been looking for.