Tech Concierge supports your success by making your technology work.

Whether we're solving small, one-time problems, installing hassle-free wireless networks, to designing secure IT systems to support business growth, Tech Concierge has the technical skill you need with the professionalism you expect. 

And because we are certified experts on the tech you use, from Apple Macs and iPhones to Windows PCs, from Wi-Fi networks and software to online privacy and security, we can solve any problem, at home or the office, so you can focus on life and work.

Tech Concierge services overview

For us, there's no task too small, no request too large.  And we grow with you as your needs change in the future.  Below is a brief overview of our services.  For more information or to request service, just click any "Get Started" button.

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We can fix any tech problem - without you leaving home or work

We can solve any problem, no matter how small or complex, and you'll never need to leave the comfort of your home or office. Just start a service request using this form, or call us.  We'll call you back, discuss your needs, and we can get on-screen together with you.  No more trips to the computer store.  No waiting in line. No more customers looking over your shoulder.

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We can make your network and wi-fi fast, REliable and secure

We fix unreliable Wi-fi, and we design and install fast, reliable and secure networks that just work. Perfectly. For all your devices. Tired of wifi problems?  Disconnects?  No more router resets. No more tech visits.  No more confusion and frustration. Tech Concierge can make your home Wifi dreamy fast, and we can help you eliminate the root cause of countless problems in the office.

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Concerned that your IT system puts you at risk?  Ready to launch - or grow - a business and want to make sure that your IT system can support your success?  Not sure if your current IT resource, consultant or service provider is doing their job?   Tech Concierge provides professional consulting for business owners, executives, and director boards, designed to give you visibility to the information you need to make effective decisions that can positively impact your business.

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Tech Concierge can look after and manage all your technology, so you can just focus on life and work.  We have deep experience taking care of home networks for professionals, including executives and retired executives, and we also support businesses in a number of industries across North American and Japan, providing a complete end-to-end service and support solution to make sure their employees are always able to work, free of technology hassles.

 Learn more about how we work with you here.

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