Why Tech Concierge Membership?

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Technology can have incredible upside: Connecting us like never before and enabling us to work with freedom never before possible.

But then there's the downside: Tech companies treat us like beta testers, fixing bugs with more bugs, plugging security holes while creating more vulnerabilities. And instead of demanding better quality, most people assume bugs are the cost of innovation, and they continue to hire techs and build IT Departments to put out fires. In fact, most people attribute the value of their tech staff to how frequently they see them fixing things.

That's the equivalent of saying you really like your doctor because she's constantly treating you for the same sickness.  And it's completely dysfunctional.


Feeling uninformed and being overly dependent on a technician is bad (it's called abdication). Taking on all your own technology without the training, tools and experience to manage it, even if you feel confident, is even worse. Both paths inevitably lead to train wrecks.

Tech Concierge breaks the cycle. Tech Concierge is not focused on repair. We're focused on prevention. A computer repair is nothing, it's a commodity.  It's the data loss and downtime that can kill you. We can't prevent hardware from failing or the biggest computer maker on the planet from the next massive update fail. But we can protect you from the impact.

Like a CONCIERGE doctor, personal trainer, coach & mentor, all in one TECH PROFESSIONAL

We offer four Tech Concierge programs, each tailored to the specific needs of professionals, including home-offices, solo practitioners and entrepreneurs, 24/7/365 executives around the globe, households and entire businesses. All Tech Concierge memberships commence with an on-boarding process to address current-state problems, risks and threats, so we can make the right adjustments going forward.

After the basics are in place, we focus on continuous improvement to make sure every aspect of your technology does what you want and expect: From making your wireless lightning-fast to helping you use technology more effectively at home or in the office.

And unlike traditional IT support, we don't pad our fees. Traditional MSPs ("Managed Service Providers") make huge profits by supporting systems that unnecessarily complex and tech-dependent, and then in turn pad their bills anticipating volumes of support calls each month. 

Please refer to the Tech Concierge membership programs below for more information, and feel free to request a complimentary consult.  Pick the membership that feels right for you, but don't worry, you're not committing to anything other than an initial conversation with an expert about your needs.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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Home-based offices, sole proprietors, consultants and entrepreneurs don't have time for tech problems. And they have less time for tech support. Tech Concierge Professional membership is designed to help you stay focused on your business goals by minimizing issues and providing concierge-level expertise to overcome issues when they occur.

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Executives don't have time for tech departments and IT managers.  You need a smart, a business-savvy professional who understands workflow, and is focused on optimizing your workflow so you can do business and communicate friction-free. Tech Concierge Executive membership is designed to do this, even in cooperation with an existing company IT department.

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Any professional understands that a happy life starts with a happy family back at home. This means that your home network and technology should runs as smoothly as a business, ensuring your spouse, children and anyone else at home can use technology worry-free and safe and secure. Tech Concierge Family membership gives every member of your family a modern-life advantage.

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When it comes to profitable growth, IT should be the number one capital expense that directly and powerfully impacts operating expense. Meaning, you should be able to do more, with less. But this only happens if your business has a culture of employees empowered to use their technology effectively and securely. Tech Concierge business is the part-time, long-term Technology advisor you have been looking for.